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For Hospitals: Helping Patients Find and Compare Post-Acute Care Providers

For Hospitals: Helping Patients Find and Compare Post-Acute Care Providers

Working with patients to identify the best post-acute care provider for them can be challenging and time-consuming component of hospital transition planning. Many hospitals rely on static paper lists to share PAC options with patients, however these paper lists rarely have much more information beyond name and address. This can be incredibly overwhelming for patients who feel that they have limited time to make important decisions based on very little data. Case managers and social workers subsequently feel the burden of having to describe each provider to the patient and their families to help them make a decision.

Luckily, repisodic’s hospital discharge solution helps discharge coordinators easily convey provider information to patients so they can be engaged in their care transition and feel empowered to make informed care decisions. Our post-acute care management solution, repisodic Choice, provides patients and their families with a brief educational video to help them understand the importance of post-hospital care and recovery and tells them key features to look for in a post-acute care provider to help them find the right care. Our platform then presents patients and their families with detailed provider profiles. Each profile has important quality metrics, photos, and additional information presented in a digestible format so patients can easily evaluate each provider. Many patients feel stressed or nervous about selecting a residential rehabilitation location without visiting the facility first. For this reason, many of repisodic’s provider profiles include photos and video tours of skilled nursing and inpatient rehabilitation facilities so patients feel comfortable making their decision without visiting the location. This significantly reduces length of stay and increases discharge efficiency.

Our transitional care management solution educates patients and engages them in their care decision which, in turn, decreases the burden on case managers and social works, streamlines their workflow, and frees up their time so they can have more informed discussions with patients about their care transitions. To learn more about getting repisodic Choice™ for free at your hospital, click here.