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Finding the Right Skilled Nursing Facility

Finding the Right Skilled Nursing Facility

Receiving the best post-acute care is crucial to a quick recovery. If you’ve determined that a skilled nursing facility (SNF) is the right choice for you or your loved one, repisodic can provide you with the best resources to help you find the skilled nursing that best fits your needs.

Understand the Medical Needs

Dr. Susan

Meet with a medical professional to make sure that a skilled nursing facility is the best housing option for you or your loved one. A skilled nursing facility is the best fit for patients requiring long-term or short-term intense medical care or 24/7 assistance. If the patient does not have any significant medical needs and instead requires custodial care, an assisted living facility or non-medical home healthcare may be more appropriate. If the patient has a specific medical need (diabetes, chronic disease, wound care, etc.), you can narrow down your search by evaluating SNFs based on what specialty care they can provide.

To learn more about the services offered in a skilled nursing facility, click here.

Insurance Policy

Identify SNFs Within Your Insurance Policy

Using repisodic, you can search SNFs by geographic region and compare the facilities based on photos, patient reviews, and Medicare quality data. Additionally, repisodic has partnered with Vericred to provide patients with free insurance verification so you can check which SNFs are covered under your policy. The insurance verification is simple to complete and does not require any sensitive personal information.

repisodic makes it easy to identify skilled nursing facilities in your insurance network with our free insurance check tool.

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Compare Facilities Based on Quality Measures

Quality Measures

Different qualities to compare are how many of the residents at a given facility showed marked improvements during their stay, how many were re-hospitalized, how many had a fall that resulted in a major injury, and how many were successfully discharged. repisodic provides these metrics, and more, for each facility and measures them against state and national averages to help put them in context and make the comparison process easier for you.


Visit the Location

See with your own eyes, which SNF best addresses your needs. Talk to current employees and residents about their experience. Evaluate the facility’s cleanliness, entertainment options, and medical condition specialization. Ask the staff members how different situations are handled and how the patient will fit in at this location. To see more important questions to ask when visiting a SNF, download our Skilled Nursing Checklist.


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