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Like many founder stories in healthcare, ours is a personal one. It is also a story that is all too familiar: a family member starts the transition from hospital to the next setting of care by being asked to decide where and from whom they will receive critical rehabilitative care, just as they are beginning to recover from the preceding health event. The hospital provides an out-of-date paper list of options with limited information. Anyone who has ever had to make this decision or assist a loved one in choosing a post-acute provider has likely asked the question: “Why is this so hard?” Post-acute care is one of the most important choices a patient can make but often times it is also the most difficult. The decision often needs to be made quickly, with little time to collect quality information or visit potential providers. Existing resources that patients and their families have available to assist in this process are often complicated, incomplete, and potentially misleading. This is what drove us to start repisodic.

We provide free, accurate and unbiased information to patients and families to help them make informed healthcare decisions. We work with healthcare providers across the care continuum to ensure that this information is available, accurate, and actionable throughout the patient journey.

The repisodic ecosystem

Intelligent, patient centered care decisions

The repisodic ecosystem aligns hospitals, post-acute care providers and patients to coordinate care and improve outcomes. repisodic.com, is our solution for patients and caregivers, that provides free information and services to help patients, families and caregivers navigate post-acute care. repisodic Choice, our solution for hospitals and health systems, optimizes care transitions by generating dynamic preferred provider networks based on each patient’s unique needs and walking each patient through the selection process. repisodic Link, our solution for post-acute care providers, enables post-acute care providers to drive referrals and connect with patients as they make their care decisions.

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